The channels in our Discord server got a redesign

The channels in our Discord server got a redesign


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Our Discord server got a makeover. We now have more than 200 feeds coming from Twitter, GitHub, GitLabs, and other places.


While the Discussion and Company categories are unchanged, the other channels and categories had a complete redesign and now are better organized. They also sport some additions.


Among other things:

  • #wireless-security-feeds: News from WiFi/wireless security researchers.
  • #convention-feeds: Updates from information security conventions around the world such as Def Con, BlackHat, RSA, Security BSides, Def Con groups, Brucon, and so on.
  • #tools-releases: New releases from WiFi/wireless security tools.
  • #pentest-distro: Updates from penetration testing distributions with Kali, Pentoo, and BlackArch.
  • #cve: CVEs


  • #linux-wireless-ml: Updates from the Linux-Wireless Mailing list
  • #linux-wireless-wiki: Changes from the Linux-Wireless wiki.

Open Source

It gets updates from a number of open source projects in the field of WiFi security and wireless security. Some of them:

  • Aircrack-ng
  • bettercap
  • Freeradius
  • hashcat
  • hcxtools
  • hostapd (and wpa_supplicant)
  • john the ripper
  • Kismet
  • nexmon
  • rtl8812au
  • scapy
  • wifite2
  • wifiphisher


This category is split in various sections with updates coming from the Kali team in their GitLab repository:

  • Build scripts
  • Documentation
  • NetHunter
  • Packages
  • Recipes
  • Tools


Updates from Pentoo development. Among other things:

  • Overlay, that contains all the packages/recipes that makes up Pentoo,
  • Installer
  • Live CD