New Docker containers and updates to our Kali container

New Docker containers and updates to our Kali container


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Along with updates to our Kali container, we added Wireless Exploitation Framework (WEF), WiFite2, and a couple more.

We have created the following containers:

  • finchsec/wef: Wireless Exploitation Framework (WEF), by D3Ext. Using latest development sources.
  • finchsec/wifite2: WiFite2 by kimocoder, using latest development sources.
  • finchsec/reaver: Reaver WPS modified by kimocoder.
  • finchsec/asleap: A statically compiled version of asleap as the current version in Kali doesn't work anymore.

Our Kali container now sports our working version asleap instead of the one packaged by Kali, along with a number of improvements and additions.

It goes without saying that most of these images are available in several CPU architectures, and they are recompiled daily to stay fresh. Sources are available in our GitHub repositories. This means you always are up to date with WiFite2 and WEF as they are built to use the source code from their respective repositories.

Let us know what's the next tool you'd like to see containerized.